Opening Day – 30 March 2023


It’s the only day in the season when everyone is simultaneously in first and last place; when anything and everything is possible.

It’s when Time Begins.

And talking of time, this year is, of course, a much-discussed season of change which will surely play out in some interesting ways over the next 162 games.

This season is starting a week earlier than in 2022 because of last year’s lockout and with every team scheduled to be in action today, here’s some things to watch for.

At shortly after 1pm, the Ukrainian ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova, threw the ceremonial first pitch to Sean Doolittle in the nation’s capital, and baseball fans everywhere were ready to go.

You can keep up with each of the games as they unfold – from lunchtime through late night – here .


I’ll leave the last word to my friend and long-time baseball writer Danny Knobler, who posted this yesterday:

“Through decades of following, covering and then following baseball again from a distance, the start of spring training was always a special time. The end of spring training was even more special.

Opening Day.

Not all, but some of the outlets I worked for in my career used it that way, with the “O” and “D” upper case. I prefer it that way, because to me it’s a proper noun for a proper day, an in-effect city holiday in so many places. No-one needs an excuse for skipping school or bailing on work to go watch Opening Day in Detroit, Cincinnati, Boston, Cleveland, New York or so many other great places.

I love that MLB has set it up with all 30 teams starting on the same day. I love that 11 of the 15 games are day games, as they should be on Opening Day.

No other sport anywhere in the world has quite the same thing, and I know because at Dannyspattaya we show sports from everywhere in the world and interact with passionate fans who follow all of them.”


You can read my recent Q&A with Danny here


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