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1 February:

As Black History Month begins, our collective history tragically repeats yet again. The funeral of Tyre Nichols, who died after a brutal beating by police, took place today in Memphis.

Vice-President Kamala Harris attended, at the invitation of the family, as did relatives of George Floyd and Breanna Taylor, also killed by police in 2020. The latest tragedy has revived pressure for progress on police reform and VP Harris urged Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. President Biden will meet with leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus tomorrow to discuss potential legislative steps forward.

This is just an excellent snapshot by Danielle Allen in the Washington Post of where the nation is right now, and of what we all need to think about if we’re to pull things back to some modicum of sanity in how we govern ourselves.

As a representation of such divergence in governing and representation, President Biden met with new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to discuss plans to address the nation’s debt ceiling. It comes as the newly-installed GOP-led House committees begin work, with their initial focus – they say – on Covid fraud and Border security. One congressman who won’t be taking up his committee assignments anytime soon is George Santos, but hardly, it seems, through any sense of propriety.

Despite previously saying she wouldn’t run against Donald Trump, Nikki Haley said she would join the future president as the only declared candidates for 2024.

And no doubt at some point down the road there will be “soundings” about whether or not the greatest quarterback in NFL history might hold any political ambitions, after Tom Brady announced his retirement “for good” this morning.


31 January:

There have been so, so many days in the saga of Donald Trump – both during his presidency and afterwards – where it seemed he was lashing out as various walls were closing in. It became a predictable trait. Now, with the New York grand jury process under way, alongside his other legal woes, Trump turns his ire, yet again, on the press. If he is serious about such a suit it may prove weak, but win or lose would reinforce an image he cultivates among his supporters – and likely aid his fundraising efforts.

Trump’s statement comes a couple of weeks after he and one of his lawyers were fined almost a million dollars for filing a “frivolous” lawsuit against his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton and others.

Meanwhile, in news of another fabulist…


30 January:

A New York grand jury began hearing evidence around Donald Trump’s involvement possible campaign finance violations in the 2016 hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.

Promoting his upcoming memoir, former PM Boris Johnson – a notorious embellisher of what we might call “truth” – claimed Vladimir Putin had threatened him with a missile strike. Make of that what you will, I suppose, but it got Nadim Zahawi off the front pages for a day.


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