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September 28:

Hurricane Ian storms ashore in southwest Florida.

In Baseball, the playoff picture comes into clearer focus, while Aaron Judge’s pursuit continues.


September 27:

Tomorrow’s much-anticipated hearing of the January 6th Committee – expected to show some new documentary footage featuring Roger Stone – was postponed in light of the impending impact in Florida of the currently Category 3 Hurricane Ian.

Meanwhile, one of the longest prison sentences related to Jan 6th was handed down today to one of the rioters.

In other legal news, jury selection began in the seditious conspiracy trial of members of the Oath Keepers militia; former Trump chief-of-staff Mark Meadows was due to testify to a Grand jury today in the Fulton County GA investigation, and Texas Attorney-General Ken Paxton is apparently on the lam after dodging a subpoena at his home yesterday.

Russia announced the “results” of what the US and other governments are calling sham elections in disputed areas of Ukraine. The UN is debating next steps. Ukraine and Russia accused each other of sabotaging the Nordstream gas pipeline.


September 26:

In a “test of planetary defense” Nasa crashed a small spacecraft into an asteroid’s moonlet in an attempt to redirect it. It will apparently take a few days to determine whether the test was successful.

On Earth, Florida is preparing for the impact of the anti-climactically named Hurricane Ian.

In almost outer-space meanwhile, there have been some revealing responses to the election of Giorgia Meloni, the heir to Mussolini’s far-right grouping in Italy.

Prime Minister Truss probably has other more pressing things to worry about.

The defending World Series champion Atlanta Braves were at the White House being congratulated by President Biden, who – unlike the team – had cheered the removal of last year’s MLB All-Star Game from the city in protest over Georgia’s new voting laws.